Reasons Why You Should Switch to Automated Visitor Management Systems

Automated Visitor Management Systems

Gone are the days when a receptionist used to manage health and safety concerns. Now site managers are turning to innovative technological solutions for the same purpose. Whether you’re operating a commercial building, a school, a college, or a corporate campus, managing all visitors on-site is a challenging task.

Well, this is where an Automated Visitor Management System comes into the picture.

What is an Automated Visitor Management System?

An automated Visitor Management System in India is a perfect contactless solution based on facial recognition technology. It identifies regular visitors based on their Face ID Now that you know about the Automated Visitor Management System, let’s jump further!

Reasons why you should switch to an automated visitor management system

  1. Help You to Know Your Visitors:
    Being able to manage both planned and unplanned visitors while visiting your facility will help significantly reduce risks and provide enhanced security. A QR code visitor management system in India is efficient enough to provide security on the entire premise. By using a solution that permits your visitors to pre-register their visit with the relevant details, you can quickly process their further information.
  2. Notifies You For Better Preparedness:
    If the visitor gets pre-registered, a notification in SMS or E-mail is sent with the necessary details. This assures a quick check-in process when the visitor arrives at the security gate. A notification is sent to the host when the visitor checks in to the premises for a clear understanding.
  3. Creates Visitor E-pass/Paper Pass:
    The visitor management system in India offers options to create either an e-pass with access rights or a paper pass for visitors with mandatory information such as visitor name, photograph, contact details, personal details, organization name, and hostname. It maintains a record of all the materials the visitors carry and their ID proof for security purposes, to avoid unauthorized activities.
  4. Helps You Maintain Visitor Database:
    Staying abreast with the visitor database is essential to mark frequent visitors. The visitor management system keeps a database of past visitors to save time. This helps create a visitor pass quickly, as the security person simply needs to retrieve the visitor information from the records, eliminating the need to re-enter the data in the process.
  5. Shares Live Status of Visitors:
    The dashboard shows all the visitor’s current status to enhance visitor management security. It provides real-time data of visitors inside the premises, the status of registered visitor passes, pre-registered visitors, new visitors, surrendered passes, expired passes, and more.
  6. Identifying and Blacklisting Visitors For Added Security
    To protect your site, data, and visitors from any kind of harm, you need to prioritize blacklist removals. Automated visitor tracking software in India is the only solution that delivers automatic verification of vulnerabilities with Proof-Based Scanning. It helps you identify blacklisted visitors.
  7. Final thoughts
    There are multiple market offerings for visitor management. But, the purpose of using an easy visitor management solution is to leave a great first impression on visitors by having the right tools for the facilities manager and your reception staff, making it a hassle-free, and convenient experience for the visitors.