How to choose the right NAC solution for your network?

right NAC solution for your network

Network access control also known as network admission control unifies system authentication, network security enforcement, and endpoint security technology like vulnerability assessment, antivirus, host intrusion, and prevention through policy enforcement. A set of protocols are used by a computer networking solution to implement and define a policy that describes how access to network nodes by devices can be secured when they initially attempt to access the network in network access control. In simple words, network access control enables a company or an organization to be able to prevent unauthorized devices from accessing the network data and resources and take action when unauthorized devices intrude on the network data and resources.

Network access control has five basic security concepts: 1) Intrusion detection system 2) Intrusion prevention system 3) User or system authentication 4) Endpoint security and network security. 5) Policy lifecycle management (Enforcing policies for all operating scenarios without additional modules). Even in your organization, you can grant permission according to the necessary access required for a particular group of users. For example, if a user is attempting to enter the company network it can’t clear the system unless the authentication of the user and compliance of the device is as per the company policies. This concept of active defense is an optimal security system for any organization to proactively protect itself. Now that Bring Your Own Devices is in vogue and is used by more and more organizations, network access control has definitely become the need of the hour. How to choose the right network access control solution for your network? These are some points that you must look for while choosing a network access control solution

  1. Network access control policy creation and implementation The network access solution that you chose must make sure that all the devices connected to your network comply with your network security policies. If you chose an enterprise-level network access control solution then it should enable the organization to create customized and enterprise-specific policies to effectively ensure optimal security for the data and resources of the organization.
  2. Post connection policy enforcement is a must Simply detecting and preventing intrusion and authentication of users or systems won’t be enough. Once authenticated a system or user might violate the security policies of your organization and be able to take out confidential data. Post connection policy enforcement ensures that users and systems are continuously monitored for malware detection and mitigation.
  3. Your organization’s budget for security There will always be more updated and expensive network access control solutions available, but you need to decide which is good enough for your organization and not go over budget unnecessarily. Make sure you ensure security while staying within the budget, which is possible. The Network Access control you choose must have automated security posture assessment and remediation, Policy enforcement across different types of networks, Workflow integration with security tools, least-privileged access, and the ability to Discover and have visibility of every IP-connected device.
  4. Integration with existing security and networking tools Another thing to consider while choosing a network system is to check if the network access control solution products are integrated with your current security systems & tools or not. Not only will it get your systems aligned but also save the time & efforts of the IT Managers by relieving them from overlooking.