Workplace Management​


Manage your workspaces

CDP brings you a proficient way to book multiple desks and resources (workspace) as per your own time and convenience. Users can choose the workspace as per their preferred location and send a request across to the approving authority to allow access to the same.

The authority can thus examine the vacancy, time and schedule and grant the permission of access to the workplace.

Increased Efficiency

For users who occupy a lot of working space for their projects, they can acquire space with just a click of request. They can book a large space or entire towers in one go and conduct their activities without any hassle. Users can even apply to exchange workplace with each other or request for a relocation incase the current place is not working out.

Enhanced Visibility

The authorized personnel act as a total governing body over who gets what desk and at what time. They can evaluate the purpose and duration of booking and grant or deny access as they feel appropriate. The admin monitors all kinds of workspace request and allots them as per the both parties preference.

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Workplace Management that enhances the user experience.

Request Workplace

Send a workplace request, swap request or relocating request as per the business needs. Send it through the mobile application

Smart Allocator

Briefing required Access Control – Establish an approving authority to go through all the booking requests and the purpose of the requests. He/she holds the power to approve or refuse.

Allocation Rules

The floor print of the entire location is displayed and viewed that eases the process of management or coordination.

Confidential Meetings

The complete meeting schedule is integrated with Google Calendar, Office 365 or other Calendar systems used by the organization.

Floorplan View

The Floor-plan of the entire meeting arena is available on the mobile app, making it convenient for the users to find their way through the whole vicinity.

Workspace Analyst

Create reports and data for a particular period of time to evaluate vacancy and occupancy of workspace and other similar numerical.


Your Needs

CDP India extreme flexibility is what makes it the customer-favorite. Every little detail of it can be customized and aligned as per the organizational needs. From a small scale start up to a large revenue pulling establishment, CDP India caters to requirements of all kinds of business enterprises.

Web Dashboard

The admin controlled interface where all the available workspace and their occupants are displayed. It gives a lucid view of the floor/office in one single screen.

Web Space Allocation App

The application where all the user requests are piled up. The authority can view the personnel requesting it, the purpose and area required the time period for utilization and other details. They can accept or deny request through this app

Mobile Apps

Users willing to reserve workspaces can enter the app and find the workspace that suits their demands and requirement. They can send requests to the admin and wait for the confirmation. Once the access is granted, they can check the status through mobile application.


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