Visitor Management


Manage your Visitors hassle Free

A perfect program to keep detailed record tracking of purpose and movement of each visit of every visitor across all the head office and branch offices. Monitor who enters in the office vicinity, for what purpose and how longer the visitor stays.

Modernize your front desk to give your guests the welcome they deserve with our highly customizable visitor management system.

Enhanced Visibility

The Primary focus of the solution is to recognize visitor through facial scan which saves time during security check at each subsequent visits. Secondarily, it also provides option for One-Time Password as a backup solution which paves multiple mediums for visitor scrutiny.

Fast & Easy Check-Ins

VIP Visitors can use QR codes to gain an express entry within the premises. It avoids stopping at the reception, confirming appointments and having that forced small talks.

Smart Features

Entry for visitors can be granted through a quick facial scan which authenticates the identity of the visitor.

Express Check-Ins

Pre-registered guests can enter in the premises by scanning QR code from their mobile devices.

Way Finding

This solution assists visitors in finding their way through the campus in an easy and smooth manner.

Facial Recognition

Access the meeting room with help of Facial Recognition system which is highly secure and accurate.

Intergate with Door Access

The doors of each floor are updated with the visitor’s ID and only those doors open up which would lead the visitor to the host.

Printed Pass

VMS creates a unique ID for every visitor and prints a digital badge for them. The physical copy of such pass can be used for access during next visits.

Notify Host

As soon as the visitor enters the premises, the host receives an automated message and can prepare themselves for the meeting.


Your Needs

CDP India extreme flexibility is what makes it the customer-favorite. Every little detail of it can be customized and aligned as per the organizational needs. From a small scale start up to a large revenue pulling establishment, CDP India caters to requirements of all kinds of business enterprises.

Your Custom Branding

Connect CDP India with your current computing infrastructure and let the work flow without any disruption.

Integrate with existing software & hardware

Connect CDP India with your current computing infrastructure and let the work flow without any disruption.

Get Customized Reports

Generate reports as per your desired criteria and regulations. Filter out what data you would like to see.

Set Organization wise Rules

My Software, My Rules. Enable your own set of terms and conditions regarding resources, timing and duration which is to be followed by the entire office.

Web Dashboard

VMS conducts an analysis of every visitor present inside the office premises and generates various statistical data such as the peak hours of the maximum number of visits, count of visits by a particular individual, duration of stay and such other quantitative details. The Dashboard is reflection of such analysis.

Pre-Registration Module

Visitors who are entering in the campus for the first time can send their credentials prior to their arrival, which can be stored in the module. This helps in avoiding the process of new registration and instead the visitors can get on with their work.

Self Check-In via Kiosk App

Visitors who are already registered can just pull out their Quick Respond scan, place it in front of the Kiosk outside the premises and let themselves in.


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