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Collaborating with industry leaders, CDP ensures a seamless partnership with major OEMs, delivering unparalleled endpoints tailored to enhance your work experience. Choose excellence with us, as we bring you the best-in-class solutions that align seamlessly with your unique work preferences.

Benefits of End Point solution provided by CDP

Endpoints play a crucial role in defining the boundaries of connectivity and interaction within a network. These endpoints, often in the form of devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, and servers, serve as the entry and exit points for data transmission. They are the nodes where users initiate actions, whether it’s sending a request for information, accessing resources, or performing tasks.




We offer a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and designing to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.


CDP works with all the major OEMs to provides best-in-class endpoints to suit the way you want to work:
1. Laptops
2 Desktops
3. Workstations
4. Monitors
5. Tablets
6. Laptop/Desktop/AIO
7. Accessories
– Butterfly stand for multiple screens, tab covers with keyboard and trackpad, docking station, Convertors for network connectivity/ display, etc.

Collaboration tools

Workplace collaboration tools have revolutionized the dynamics of teamwork, making it more seamless and efficient to communicate, share files, and coordinate tasks in real-time. These tools break down geographical barriers, enabling collaboration among remote or globally dispersed teams. Features such as chat channels, video conferencing, and document sharing streamline communication and project management.


VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) One of the most recommended workforce transformation solution is the VDI solution. There is an increased adoption of VDI to provision for remote working and BYOD with centralized data management and security. The idea is to leverage virtualization to provision and manage virtual desktops. The entire processing happens in a backend server while the employee can use any device to access the VDI session, ensuring a centralized management of desktops and data. These devices can be thin clients, laptops or tablets, thus reducing the configurations to run various applications. These drastically reduces the cost required for provisioning high end systems.


Even though the workplaces are trying to be paperless and digital, there will always be requirements for printing physical copies for registrations, legal and compliances. The significance and mandate for written signatures is still active in various fields. Hence digital and print are always going to be a part of the workspace and are going to complement each other. Based on the requirements for the employees, customer can choose to have a printers, scanners or Multi-Functional Printers.


Solutions Empower your mobile workforce with our tablet solutions. We provide a variety of tablets, ranging from consumer-grade to rugged devices, suitable for diverse business environments. Our tablet solutions offer mobility, flexibility, and productivity, enabling your employees to work on the go, access vital information, and collaborate effectively. Transform the way you work with our tablet solutions.


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Our Partners are some elite global technology tycoons whose proven solutions, products or technologies complement our services & solutions to truly create best-of-breed offerings that are mapped to modern business requirements. The end result is quality IT Solutions & Services that are customized to meet client needs and requirements and offer rapid deployment options.


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