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Optimize Your Digital Workspace Security

It’s 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic is yet to say goodbye. Companies have convinced themselves there’s no looking back as work from home has become the new norm. Apparently, employees have suitably adapted to this new working environment and it doesn’t seem it is going to change anytime soon. Every circumstance has its consequences. With the change in the working environment, data security becomes the ultimate challenge for any organization. This digital evolution has prompted many IT companies to look for a solution that can benefit both parties – the organization and the employees. Ultimately, it’s the IT sector’s responsibility to control the security well-being of the entire digital workforce. That’s where CDP’s Trusted User Solution (TUS) comes into play.

At this present moment, data is the most expensive commodity in the current market. For every company and its workforce, the need for secured and authentic access to corporate data has also been essential. In order to enhance data security, Trusted User Solution (TUS) is the smart solution every company needs. Its key feature – the Facial Recognition technology, ensures the right people get access to the right corporate data. Trusted User Solution (TUS) is validated and successfully integrated with leading VDI Solution providers, which increases flexibility to deploy the solution over a number of devices. Let us understand the key features of Trusted User Solution (TUS) and how exactly its integration with Virtual Desktop Apps can optimize your digital workspace security:

Smart Features

A glimpse at other key ingredients of Trusted user solution that enhances the user experience.

2-Factor User Authentication

The user is authenticated first with the AD credentials followed by facial recognition. Trusted User Solution (TUS)’s AI-enabled facial recognition ensures the corporate machine is accessed by the correct user only. Our solution checks for face liveliness which avoids the risk of face authentication happening through static photos or running videos.

Imposter Violation And Multiple Face Detection

Once the user is logged into the system, there are checks for face recognition of the user at random time intervals to authenticate whether the right person is accessing the system or not. In case if it’s the wrong user or multiple people are sitting in front of the screen, the user is forcefully disconnected from the VDI session.

Secure Access To Corporate Data

Our solution ensures corporate data is secured and devoid of any data breaches. Integrating Trusted User Solution (TUS) with VDI infrastructure simplifies management and increases security, even if a user accesses data from personal devices. This ensures the company’s data is secured and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

User Monitoring With Anomaly Detection

A user is continuously monitored by tracking his/her day-to-day activities. If any anomaly is detected in the workflow, our solution would automatically revoke user access to corporate data. That said, one important aspect we can note here is that the user is monitored only when accessing corporate data. While using the device during non-working hours or for personal use, this biometric authentication application doesn’t trace user activities.

Maintaining A Work-life Balance

The flexibility of Virtual Apps and Desktops allows Trusted User Solution (TUS) to provide maximum data security to all enterprises, their employers, and the employees as well. With its optimum features like biometric authentication, attendance management system and secured corporate data, it maintains the pace of the workflow and boosts productivity. This allows the users to work from their comfort zones and enjoy their family time as well.


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