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Benefits of Data Protection Solution provided by CDP

Data Protection As data is one the most important asset in the organization and allowing access to this data from outside the organization, possesses a major security threat for the organization. CDP helps customers in safeguarding the data from corruption, loss or compromise.

A data protection strategy mainly ensures that data can be restored with minimum RTO/RPO after any corruption or loss. Data protection is used to describe both the operational backup of data and business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR). CDP helps customers in developing data protection strategies mainly along two lines: data availability and data management.

Data availability ensures users always have the data they need for important business operations and decisions, even when the data is lost or damaged

Data management involves data lifecycle management, which is the process of automating the movement of critical data to online and offline storage, and information lifecycle management, a comprehensive strategy for valuing, cataloguing and protecting information assets from application and user errors, malware and virus attacks, machine failure, or facility outages and disruption OEMs: commvault, veeam, ibm, dell EMC, Acronis




We offer a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and designing to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.

Endpoint DLP

Endpoint DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Protect sensitive data at the endpoint with our endpoint DLP solutions. Our endpoint DLP solutions monitor and control data transfers, ensuring that confidential information remains within the boundaries of your organization. By implementing endpoint DLP, you can prevent data leaks, enforce security policies, and mitigate the risks of data breaches.

Network DLP

Network DLP (Data Loss Prevention) Safeguard data in transit across your network with our network DLP solutions. Our network DLP solutions monitor network traffic, identify sensitive data patterns, and prevent unauthorized data transfers. By implementing network DLP, you can detect and prevent data leaks, ensuring the security and compliance of your data.


Backup Ensure the availability and recoverability of your data with our comprehensive backup solutions. Our backup solutions provide automated, reliable, and secure backups of your critical data. We offer both on-premises and cloud-based backup solutions, tailored to your organization's specific requirements. Safeguard your data against loss, corruption, or accidental deletion with our robust backup solutions.


Endpoints play a crucial role in defining the boundaries of connectivity and interaction within a network. These endpoints, often in the form of devices like computers, laptops, smartphones, and servers, serve as the entry and exit points for data transmission. They are the nodes where users initiate actions, whether it's sending a request for information, accessing resources, or performing tasks.


Email Protect your organization's email communications and sensitive information with our email security solutions. Our email security solutions offer advanced threat detection, anti-spam, anti-phishing, and encryption capabilities to ensure secure and compliant email communication. Safeguard your email infrastructure, prevent data leaks, and mitigate the risks associated with email-based threats.

DR planning

Whether facing natural calamities, cyberattacks, or system failures, a robust IT DR plan ensures the continuity of operations, minimizes downtime and safeguards critical digital assets. With backup and recovery protocols in place, IT DR acts as the safety net, allowing businesses to bounce back resiliently from the unexpected, ensuring that the heartbeat of digital operations remains steady even in the face of adversity.


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