Benefits Of An Integrated Workplace Management System

Integrated Workplace Management System

These days, workplaces function under numerous devices, programs, and software governance. The growing demand for IT devices and their usage aids businesses to run efficiently. Companies are trying these many programs, from booking hot desks to building energy efficiency controls.

Well, Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is also one of those innovations.

Integrated Workplace Management System in India is a software solution that delivers many miracles for facility management. It assists companies to optimize their workplace resources and manage space efficiently.

It is a one-stop solution to ease your facilities maintenance, Flexi space planning, corporate real estate portfolios, capital projects, field service management, and sustainability requirements – all while keeping your affiliated organization’s assets safe and secure.

IWMS helps in:

Simplifying complex issues

Adapting to changing needs

Connecting to IT solutions, along with increasing cost savings and efficiency

Top Benefits Of An Integrated Workplace Management System

Ubiquitous Booking In the transition to an information-based global economy, the lines between work and home blur as technology reshapes the workplace, and the nature of home/personal life evolves. Ubiquitous booking facilitates dramatic new alternatives for where, when, and how work is accomplished. Through the workspace app in India, reserving places and spaces has never been simpler, and this is one solution that enables you to secure what you need, exactly when you need it.

  1. Fixed and Flexi seating
    Through this app, you get complete control at your fingertips. You can design flexible spaces, set capacity, move employees, and do much more, all from a single solution. For selected users, you can also furnish bulk space management.
  2. Digitization of Floor Plans
    Give your employees an ideal reservation solution that is tailored to them. When you incorporate workspace tools, your employees and you can view boarded floor plans, identify available seats on a map view, and locate your coworker’s seat accordingly. Through this workspace app, you can also get a visual representation of the live occupancy status.
  3. Employee Safety
    Opt for an integrated workplace management system in India to ensure social distancing by controlling the seating capacity. Employees can share self-health declarations through this app before booking a desk, and it helps prevent future disease spread at workstations.
  4. Monitor Occupancy Levels
    Workplaces are evolving and they demand more flexibility than ever. That’s why you need one perfect solution to manage all aspects of your enterprise space. Work together on a single platform, manage your space inventory across multiple locations, share data across groups, solve problems faster, and collaborate as one team from a single dashboard through a workspace management app.
  5. Saves on Space Costs
    Data makes all the difference. This workspace app effortlessly captures key insights to help you rationalize your real estate portfolio while aiding you to make informed cost decisions on space consumption.
  6. Final thoughts
    Consolidating all your facilities’ data into one system means there is only one place to go when you require it, and because it’s in real-time, it’s up-to-date and accurate. If you want to know more about this solution, contact us!