Why do Companies need to Invest in anAttendance Management System ?


This begins with your employees marking their attendance but before we move to an automatic attendance management system, here’s a question for you: After arriving at the workplace in the morning, what would be more convenient for your employees? A) To flip pages in a register or B) To enter attendance through a mobile app that registers their attendance in seconds. You’ll get its answer while going through the following points on why companies should consider an Attendance Management System.

No Contact Safety

Hygiene at the workplace has never been more important. Touching objects that have been exposed to hundreds of people is a major risk today. But what if we told you that your employees need not touch even a single button? All they have to do is look straight into their selfie camera and their attendance for the day will be noted. The attendance is noted with the help of facial recognition and location tagging.


Noting attendance in registers and punching machines is something that many people are used to. However, it has a flip side. Waiting for other people to punch and enter their attendance, flip pages in the register and other time-consuming processes can break your employees’ productivity. The same productivity that they can utilize in carrying out their daily tasks. Besides, it’s easier to track the attendance using an app based attendance system than going through so many pages.


Another vital aspect of an organization’s productivity. In non-automated systems, the employees enter the office premises, go to their desks, and then look for the register to sign. This takes 5-10 minutes that go off the record. Whereas, an automated web based attendance system is placed at the entrance itself so that the employees can mark their attendance on their way. Not to forget, these systems are 100% accurate.

Tracking leaves

Employees do keep a track of their leaves on email however, it’s difficult to manage them since if one has to check, they will have to scroll through a lot of previous emails. This is not the case in automatic attendance. It comes with customized and separate attendance records for every individual so that the HR and company can easily manage them.

Geo-tagging & avoiding proxy

The feature of geo-tagging is powered by Google Maps and helps in notifying the employee’s location. For instance, if an employee had to go outside the office for a meeting so it keeps a track of his location and timings. This helps in monitoring the hours outside the office. Apart from that due to the facial recognition feature, it also avoids any other employee to enter a proxy attendance for anyone.

Other benefits

Once you set up the system, you don’t need a lot of people to look after it now and then. Everything is regularised automatically. These systems are also safe and hence your data is secured with them. There is no threat of your data being misused. One of the other advantages of a smart attendance system is that it helps in making your HR department more systematic since it makes their job easier. All they have to do is install the system and it takes care of the rest.