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Applications are Growing rapidly. OT and Big Data Analytics are playing pivotal role for the companies Another major challenge for business is enabling employees to work from anywhere and BYOD.

Benefits of Microsoft solution provided by CDP

Leverage the power of Microsoft technologies with our comprehensive solutions. We offer a wide range of services around Microsoft products, including Office 365, Azure cloud services, SQL Server, Windows Server, and more. Our Microsoft solutions help you enhance productivity, streamline collaboration, and drive digital transformation.




We offer a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and designing to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.

O365 (Office 365)

O365 (Office 365) Leverage the power of Office 365 to enhance productivity and collaboration within your organization. We provide comprehensive Office 365 solutions that include popular applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more. Harness the cloud-based capabilities of Office 365 to streamline communication, share files, and enable real-time collaboration across teams.


Azure Unlock the potential of the cloud with Azure, Microsoft's powerful cloud computing platform. Our Azure solutions help you build, deploy, and manage applications and services with flexibility and scalability. Whether you need cloud infrastructure, data storage and analytics, or AI and machine learning capabilities, our experts will design and implement Azure solutions to meet your specific requirements.

MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server)

MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) Optimize your data management and analysis with Microsoft SQL Server. We provide comprehensive MS SQL solutions that enable efficient storage, retrieval, and manipulation of your data. Leverage the power of MS SQL for robust database management, business intelligence, and reporting, empowering your organization with valuable insights and decision-making capabilities.


LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) Enhance security and manage local administrator passwords effectively with LAPS. Our LAPS solutions help you automate the management of local administrator passwords across your Windows-based infrastructure. Strengthen your network security by implementing LAPS, which regularly updates and randomizes passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


Windows Ensure a secure and efficient operating system environment with Microsoft Windows solutions. We offer comprehensive Windows solutions tailored to your organization's needs, including Windows Server, Windows 10, and Windows security features. Our experts will help you design, deploy, and manage your Windows infrastructure, ensuring a stable and optimized environment for your business operations.


Intune Simplify device management and enhance security with Microsoft Intune. Our Intune solutions provide comprehensive mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) capabilities, enabling you to securely manage and protect your organization's devices and applications. Empower your workforce with the flexibility to work from anywhere while maintaining data security.

Azure AD

Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) Securely manage user identities and access to resources with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Our Azure AD solutions provide robust identity and access management capabilities, including single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and role-based access control (RBAC). Strengthen your organization's security posture and streamline user management with Azure AD.

Power BI

Power BI Unlock the power of data visualization and business intelligence with Microsoft Power BI. Our Power BI solutions enable youto transform raw data into meaningful insights and interactive dashboards. Leverage Power BI's rich visualization capabilities and advanced analytics to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Empower your development team with Microsoft Visual Studio, a powerful integrated development environment (IDE). Our Visual Studio solutions provide a comprehensive set of tools and features for building, debugging, and deploying applications across various platforms. From desktop to mobile and web applications, our experts will help you maximize your development productivity and efficiency.


Autopilot Simplify device provisioning and deployment with Microsoft Autopilot. Our Autopilot solutions streamline the setup and configuration of new Windows devices, enabling zero-touch deployment. Accelerate the onboarding process for your organization's devices while ensuring consistent configuration and security policies.


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